The world’s most famous paintings under one roof

In an old warehouse in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the 200 greatest paintings of the Western world are brought together, for the first time ever. Not the real things of course, but high-quality reproductions, all printed with state-of-the-art inkjet technology from Agfa Graphics.

No more need to travel to Madrid for Picasso’s Guernica or to Oslo for Munch’s The Scream. For the interactive exposition 200 Greatest Paintings, art connoisseurs and laymen compiled a list of the two hundred most coveted, valuable and famous artworks in the world. This list includes works from eighty different museums, made by more than hundred artists. 14_07_sc_great_paintings“It goes without saying that the works displayed are not the originals,” said organizer Mart Walda. “The purpose of the exhibition is to make it possible for everyone to experience art. It had to be entertaining so please expect to see beamers, touchscreens and interactivity with apps for smartphones. And YES… anyone who wants to touch can do so.” When it came to the reproduction of the master pieces, Agfa Graphics and its partner TVE in Sint Oedenrode (NL) stepped in and reproduced the works of art with Agfa Graphics’ wide-format inkjet printers on a variety of substrates ranging from carton over canvas to wood, dibond, and glass. Another partner, Mediacenter Rotterdam (NL), printed the catalog and flyers for the exhibition using Agfa Graphics’ chemistry-free Azura TU printing plates and Sublima screening technology.


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